He really IS a Time Lord! Scottish council staff discover 1930s painting that looks just like Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi



  • Artwork hanging in Glasgow City Chambers has resemblance to Capaldi
  • It portrays Sir Patrick Dollan, Lord Provost of Glasgow from 1938 to 1941
  • Councillor Greg Hepburn discovered the likeness while on lunch break
  • He speculates: 'Maybe we had some Zygons or Daleks ready to invade'

As a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey, the Doctor is known for journeying through time and space.

And council bosses in Glasgow have discovered that an unassuming painting from the 1930s looks just like actor Peter Capaldi, who is the 12th doctor in the BBC sci-fi drama.

The artwork - which has been hanging in a gallery in the City Chambers - portrays Sir Patrick Dollan, who served as the Lord Provost of Glasgow from 1938 to 1941.

Greg Hepburn, councillor for Glasgow’s Calton ward, was left stunned when he discovered the painting after wandering up to the gallery during a recent lunch break.

He said: ‘I looked at this painting and thought “that’s the Doctor”. I’m quite a great Whovian - a Doctor Who fan. From the red jacket to the hair it was a dead image of Peter Capaldi as the Doctor.’

Mr Hepburn added: ‘I was only elected councillor in August so I’m pleased that the first time someone got in touch with me was because of Doctor Who.’

Sir Dollan’s facial features and his red coat bear a resemblance to Capaldi’s character in the TV show. But the painting - titled ‘The Red Jacket’ - was created by Archibald McGlashan in 1930.

Sir Patrick Joseph Dollan, born in 1885, was an activist in the Scottish Independent Labour Party. He campaigned against the Munitions of War Act 1915 which suspended trade unionists’ rights during the First World War.
Sir Patrick later served as the Lord Provost of Glasgow during the early years of the Second World War until 1941.
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