A day before Radio Times reported that Peter Capaldi does not want to have a male companion with his incarnation of the Doctor (we reported on that here), Digital Spy reported that Alex Kingston does not think that the Doctor should ever be a woman.

“It’s difficult – I would imagine that, if anything, the [next] Doctor might be of a different race than gender. I can’t imagine, myself personally, the Doctor being a different gender. I just think that too many men have played that role. If one goes back historically, ​Doctor Who ​has been a little boys’ show. Women are going to hate me for this! But I do think the Doctor has to be a guy – I do. Though it might be very interesting for River if it was a woman!”

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by W.Gross

I agree, the Doctor must stay male. Since there are only 12 regenerations to a Time Lord, how are we going to do this? Remember Dallas, Sue Ellen thought Bobby was dead and it was a dream….that was farfetching, with DW , considerable further. As the Wicked Witch is fond of saying… these things must be done delicately