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Capaldi Would Happily Make More Episodes Each Year

by Chris Daly on December 13, 2015






Peter Capaldi has said he would happily make more episodes of Doctor Who each year, if he was allowed.

“I’m shocked at the speed at which it’s going. I’ve done 26 episodes already, and I don’t know how that happened.

“I’m amazed that people ask me all the time, when I am going? It makes you feel very unwelcome! ‘Please, when are you leaving?’ Or…someone said this morning, ‘You’re only doing six episodes next year because you’re too tired?’ I don’t know where they’ve made this stuff up from. Six episodes?! That’s not what I’m contracted to do.

“And I would do 20 episodes if they let me. I could do Doctor Who all the year round, quite happily.”


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