Regardless of whether Paul McGann returns to the show again, the 8th Doctor actor has been heaping praise on Peter Capaldi believing he could be the best yet.

Speaking to Yahoo, McGann said: “I think he’s a brilliant choice. I honestly think, knowing Peter as I do, that he could well turn out to be the best of the lot. I really do.

“He’s got the combination of steel and comedy and intelligence that is the Doctor,” he explained. “He might just turn out to be a genius, a master stroke. Because we know how good he is. One thing that Capaldi does, and I know it might sound daft because there’s lots of clever actors, but not that many who can act highly intelligent – he can.”

He added: “He’s a super brain, Peter… he’s even won an Oscar as a director. He’s a brilliant man who can act brilliantly – he can also be funny, but he can be scary while he’s being funny and that might turn out to be the best combination of Doctor.”

“It’s good that they made that decision at this point in time. To get away from some young, handsome guy – bring a different gravitas to it. I have every hope for him that he’s going to be the best.”