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Will DOCTOR WHO’s The Doctor Appear in THE LEGO MOVIE 2?

by Chris Daly on December 31, 2015

The LEGO Movie pulled off some of the most impressive cross-company crossovers since Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, with appearances by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, DC’s iconic superheroes, and even a few Star Wars characters. The LEGO Movie 2 will likely continue that tradition, and we already know at least one of the characters who will potentially be in the mix.

Rob Schrab – the director of The LEGO Movie 2 – recently made a guest appearance on Dan Harmon’s Harmontown podcast in which he revealed that Warner Bros. is currently negotiating with BBC to bring in The Doctor from Doctor Who for the LEGO sequel.

This isn’t entirely out of the question, since LEGO and BBC have already included Doctor Who in the LEGO Dimensions video game, which featured Peter Capaldi voicing his Twelfth Doctor and appearing alongside Batman, Wyldstyle, Gandalf, and even Doc Brown from the Back to the Future franchise.

Schrab didn’t disclose whether the Doctor would potentially have a larger role in the sequel as one of the heroes or if he would simply make a cameo appearance. There is also the potential that Capaldi will no longer be the Doctor by the time that The LEGO Movie 2 hits theaters, so it’s also unclear which Doctor would be used. But Capaldi’s Doctor would certainly be a great choice.

The LEGO Movie 2 will be released on May 18, 2018.



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