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Peter Capaldi sent an incredible thank you message to Doctor Who fans who made him a birthday video

by Chris Daly on January 05, 2016
Peter Capaldi is no stranger to doing nice things from his fans (he made one ill Whovian's day when he visited him in hospital in character last year) but his latest offering to loyal followers of the show is particularly sweet.

YouTuber Beth Axford and a group of more than 50 Doctor Who fans reallied together to send Capaldi a Happy Birthday video for his 57th birthday last April (2015) and the 12th Doctor not only took the time to watch the video – he decided to take a break from playing the Time Lord on the set of series 9 to record a very special thank you message for every single person who took part too.

And it was so lovely that Axford uploaded the video to her YouTube channel for all the world – and fans involved – to see.

Now there's one man who has (Wibbily Wobbly) timey wimey for his fans!



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