Steven Moffat has been working on Doctor Who for a long time, and he’s been the showrunner since season 5 in 2010. He’s now overseen the coming of two new Doctors and may soon see another one depart—if he doesn’t get there first, that is.

Picking a new showrunner won’t be easy, though, and with the show’s recent surge in popularity, the task is all the more stressful. Speaking to Radio Times, Moffat elaborated on the coming of his own regeneration:

"That is an issue and one I’m actively engaged in but I can’t say much about that. Everything is difficult in Doctor Who, including leaving, and I would never do anything to harm it. I would never leave it in the lurch because it means too much to me. Yes, it’s a problem. Let’s not pretend it’s not a big problem. But there will be a solution. In terms of the emotional difficulty of leaving, it’s hard."

However, he won’t say yet when that solution will be needed. When asked, “Is the end in sight?” he responded,

"I take it a year at a time, and that’s the only answer I’ll ever give on that one. How hard [will it be to give up], I don’t know … I won’t be leaving because I’m suddenly miserable. It’ll be because I want to do something else."

But even after he’s gone, that doesn’t mean he’ll leave the show entirely. Asked if he’d come back to write for the show here and there, which previous showrunner Russell T. Davies has refused to do repeatedly, Moffat said he won’t know what he’ll do until the opportunity presents itself. (Which I’m taking as an “absolutely yes.”)

Got any suggestions for who should step in to make things easier on our good buddy Moff? Not that I’m in a rush to get rid of him or anything.