Doctor Who has just concluded its ninth season of the rebooted series that began way back in 2005. Peter Capaldi has been in control of the TARDIS since 2013 and is doing a magnificent job in the role. However, some viewers are firmly in the belief that the show has been lacking in quality for a few years now.

While I am a huge fan of Capaldi’s interpretation of the Doctor, I do believe that many argument’s relating to Doctor Who’s overall quality stem from an attachment to previous version’s of the character. After all, we are currently on our twelfth Doctor (thirteen overall) so audiences are bound to find it difficult to let go of some of them.

Paul McGann’s version of the character is a difficult topic of conversation for whovian’s. While the actor is a fan-favourite for his role as the Doctor, he has only actually appeared on screen twice. McGann originally played the part in the incredibly divisive television movie that aired in 1996. He then returned for a fantastic minisode that made its debut shortly before the shows 50th anniversary in 2013.

Ever since then fans have been clamouring for the actor to make further appearances in the series. Thankfully however, McGann is also keen on reprising his role once again (albeit in a small capacity). Check out what he had to say below:

‘I don’t mind doing a little bit every now and again and stealing all the glory!. It’s quite fun. You’re coming in at the 89th minute and scoring the winning penalty – yeah, I’ll do that.

Whereas poor old [Peter] Capaldi’s gotta do nine months and 16-hour days. Yeah, OK, let him do that. Let someone else do the heavy lifting!’

Although it’s a fun prospect to imagine McGann making future appearances down the line in flashbacks or minisodes, it is probably quite unlikely. Unfortunately Steven Moffat seems to be quite content on looking forward rather than back towards the shows past. Although this is probably the right direction to take the show in, it wouldn’t do any harm to film a short minisode here and there. In fact, it may even encourage viewership in the main series.

Whether or not McGann ever does return, at least fans have his two existing appearances to enjoy. Not to mention a plethora of audio plays for Big Finish which are highly enjoyable for those needing another dose of the eighth Doctor.