Typically, if a former Doctor returns to Doctor Who, it is in the form of a guest appearance where they reprise their role. Sylvester McCoy would like to change that.

One of the concerns when Peter Capaldi took over as the Twelfth Doctor was that he was too old. Following the youthful David Tennant and Matt Smith, seeing the elder Capaldi take over the TARDIS was a bit of a shock for fans.

Sylvester McCoy, meanwhile, is not among those who feel Capaldi’s years are a hindrance. In fact, not only does McCoy like the older Doctor, but he feels that he is now the “perfect age” to return and become the Doctor once more. As he points out, the Doctor was originally a older gentleman, using his brain to defeat his enemies as opposed to brawn.

“Doctor Who was a superhero whose superpower was his brain. Unlike the muscular ones clad in red trunks, he was supposed to inspire the audience, who were primarily children and teenagers, to become smarter. If I am offered the role again I’d take it up at the drop of a hat,” McCoy said.


It would certainly be interesting to McCoy back as the Doctor. His tenure on Doctor Who was best known for the lack of support from the BBC and the show eventually being put on hiatus. Yet, even with all of the issues and the problems that the show faced during his time as the Doctor, it is obvious that McCoy still has a soft place in his heart for the program. And Doctor Who will eventually need to find a replacement for Capaldi….

Yet, the idea that McCoy would be back as another Doctor at some point is likely nothing more than a pipe dream. There would be quite a few hurdles to be cleared in order to explain how a former Doctor would be back, including why he has the same face as the Seventh, albeit a bit older. The logistics of bringing McCoy back just would not work.

It is certainly entertaining to think about Sylvester McCoy coming back to be a future incarnation of the Doctor, but that is where such an idea should end. If McCoy is to return to Doctor Who, let it be in a guest role of in an episode where the Doctor runs into his past incarnations.