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Sir John Hurt, Oscar-Nominated Star our war Doctor, Dies at 77

by Chris Daly on January 27, 2017


Sir John Hurt - one of the defining actors of his generation - has reportedly died. He was 77.

The Doctor Who and Alien star passed away on Friday (January 27) after battling pancreatic cancer in the last few years of his life, according to The Mirror. He'd celebrated his birthday on January 22.

A near-ubiquitous presence on TV, film and the stage across six decades, Sir John earned four BAFTAs, a Golden Globe and was nominated twice for an Academy Award.

Having cut his teeth in the early years of BBC drama, Sir John had his star turn on the big screen as the Lord Chancellor Richard Rich in the beloved 1966 period drama A Man for All Seasons.

His transformative portrayal of influential LGBTQ writer Quentin Crisp in ITV's The Naked Civil Servant remains a staple of '70s TV drama at its finest, as does Hurt's turn as the insane emperor Caligula in I, Claudius.



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