For the better part of a year and a half Wibbily Wobbly Timey Wimey has partnered with Time Lord Expo in the creation of their upcoming event.  When we were first contacted we were asked to create and or buy enough props and memorabilia to fill a 20x40 foot room as part of a new huge Doctor Who experience.   
As time progressed and the owners of WWTW became more involved with Patrick Baumgardner (the owner and show runner of TLX) we actively became promoters, recruiters, sponsors of stars, and even took on some organizational activities including vendor room and travel coordinator.
As of Monday we were informed by Mr. Baumgardner to cease all activities and to cancel all flights that had been purchased on behalf of Time Lord Expo.  We were further told we would be given more details by EOD Monday Sept 25, 2017.  That time has passed with no communication to us we feel it is best to inform the general public that at this point in time we have decided to extricate from Time Lord Expo completely.  As we are the sponsors of Terry Molloy he will be pulling out as well.
We wish Pat and the TLX family all the best with their show.