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Doctor Who Weeping Angel Cookie Jar - Two Face Design Don't Blink

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The Doctor has faced more than his share of intergalactic/multidimensional/trans-chronal baddies, but the Weeping Angels are in a league of their own. They start so innocently - an angelic statue, head bowed into cupped hands. Statues don't move. They're no threat. And then you take your eyes off of them and BAM! You're gone.

Cookies are kinda like that, too. All innocent and delicious, just sitting there harmlessly. And then you eat one, and another one, and soon you're stuffed sick AND cookie-less with no Sonic Screwdriver to wave it all away. Basically, Weeping Angels and cookies deserve each other. And that's where the Weeping Angel Cookie Jar comes in handy. This sturdy ceramic jar will protect your precious treats with a terrifyingly accurate design that reveals both faces of a Weeping Angel. On one side is the sweet, angelic face hidden behind hands... and on the reverse side is the snarling visage that can stop even a Time Lord in his tracks. Don't blink as you reach for that snack or the cookies won't be the only things disappearing.

Product Specifications

  • Weeping Angel Cookie Jar

  • Officially-licensed Doctor Who merchandise

  • The perfect storage container for any food in time and space

  • Lid seals in the freshness and opens easily

  • A stellar gift for Whovians or fans of scary statuary (and cookies)

  • Capacity: It's bigger on the inside, that's all we'll say

  • Materials: Ceramic Dimensions: 11.2" x 7.7" x 7.1" Weight: 2.5 lbs.